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Dr.Clo 杀菌消毒棒是由美国FDA注册、ISO 9001医疗器材厂商生产。透过韩国专利技术,Dr. Clo杀菌消毒棒在启用后3~24小时后随即持续释出二氧化氯到室内空气中,破坏细胞病毒的外膜,令里面的病毒无法生成。 ✅ 日本卫生微生物研究所验证达99.9%的杀菌功效 ✅ 强大的杀菌,除臭,防腐功能 ✅ 体积轻巧,不占位,覆盖范围可达8立方米(室内使用效果更佳) ✅ 每枝可持续使用40 - 60天 ➤ What is Dr. Clo? The first FDA and WHO certified Sanitising Deodorant Stick. ➤ FDA and WHO approved that Chlorin dioxide can kill germs, viruses, mold or bacteria. Dr. Clo is sanitizing stick using the Chlorin dioxide, and world-only product which is registered US FDA. Dr. Clo is different from other Clo2 products which has the merit that has longer lifetime and stable ppm of Clo2 during it works. ➤ How does it work? Kill viruses and germs that thrive in our living space by destroying the cell membrane of the viruses and germs. Yes, using Clo2 which was confirmed by FDA and WHO, Dr. Clo can kill viruses, germs, bacteria, and molds. ➤ We have 4 types of Dr. Clo's Air Sterilisation Stick for different usage: 1. For Automobile (For enclosed area - cars, handbags and other confined spaces) Able to sterilise an entire car. Built to withstand the high temperatures of real vehicles. Experimental environment: 75 ~ 80 degrees. 2. For Household (For exposed area - living area, bedroom, restaurants & offices) Able to sterilise a room size up to 10 sqm. It works by controlling the release of Chlorine Dioxide using patented nano filter technology. This allows Dr. Clo's Sterilisation Stick to sterilise the air up to 60 days effectively. Complete eliminate virus and microorganism that causes health problems. Keep it room temperature. 3. For Bathroom Non-carcogenic chlorine dioxide is released in a controlled manner to sterilize your lavatory from bacteria and keeps surroundings fresh from the stench. 4. For Refrigerator Keep your food fresh and bacteria free for a longer period of time and get rid of odor in your refrigerator. Designed to keep the product lasting and functional at temperatures below 5 degrees. Product Ratings Precautions for Use: 1. Do not use this product for other than the intended purpose. 2. Store away from direct sunlight. 3. Do not overbend, disassemble, or ingest. 4. Keep away from fire and flammable materials. 5. Keep out of the reach of children and pets.
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