Hoka One One | Clifton 6 Men's Running Shoe

RM50.05 ~ RM599.00
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- The Clifton 6 has a smoother ride than its predecessor, with a more comfortable fit and embroidered design that improves lockdown without extra weight
- Engineered mesh uppers provide a lightweight and breathable feel
- Embroidery reinforcement reduces layers and offers support and midfoot lockdown
- Early stage Meta-Rocker offers a smooth ride
- Full compression EVA midsoles provide signature HOKA ONE ONE cushioning
- Moderate heel bevel provides a smooth transition
- Flat-waisted geometry provides inherent stability
- Strategic high-abrasion rubber zones reduce weight
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UK3.5=EUR36 RM277.00
sjg05,eur38 RM265.00
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sjg02,eur38 RM120.00
UK3.5=EUR36 RM248.00
Uk6.5=eur40 RM248.00
White,42 RM248.00
สีขาว,41 RM258.00
UK3.5=EUR36 RM288.00
gray,EUR28 RM288.00
36 RM288.00
Blue/yellow,42.5 RM311.00
gray,EUR34 RM253.00
Uk3.5=EUR36=22cm RM131.00
38 RM312.00
36 RM312.00
light blue,36.5 RM312.00
green/yellow,37 RM312.00
US5=UK3.5=EUR36 RM132.00
Light Blue,US5=UK3.5=EUR36 RM132.00
3,Uk8.5=EUR42 2/3=27cm RM132.00
white/purple,38.5 RM133.00
US5=UK3.5=EUR36 RM133.00
4,Uk3.5=EUR36=22cm RM134.00
US5=UK3.5=EUR36 RM302.00
UK3.5=EUR36 RM136.00
UK3.5=EUR36 RM137.00
blue/yellow,36 RM137.00
orange,41 RM137.00
blue/purple,38 RM137.00
36 RM138.00
White/blue,41 RM138.00
Purple /blue,38 RM138.00
white/purple,36 RM138.00
green/White,41 RM138.00
white/blue,36 RM138.00
UK3.5=EUR36 RM138.00
white,40 RM138.00
AS PIC,36 RM138.00
green/White,41 RM138.00
blue,40 RM331.00
UK3.5=EUR36 RM139.00
gray/yellow,42.5 RM139.00
Blue,41 RM139.00
25.5cm/ 7.5us RM140.00
25.5cm/ 7.5us RM146.00
25.5cm/ 7.5us RM141.00
25.5cm/ 7.5us RM141.00
AS PIC,36 RM141.00
White/yellow,38.5 RM141.00
green/yellow,36 RM142.00
UK3.5=EUR36 RM143.00
UK3.5=EUR36 RM143.00
AS PIC,36 RM204.00
UK3.5=EUR36 RM143.00
UK3.5=EUR36 RM143.00
Carbon Black,40.5 RM203.00
c1-c11 tell us,US7=UK5.5=EUR38 2/3 RM317.00
UK3.5=EUR36 RM320.00
UK3.5=EUR36 RM204.00
1,36 RM204.00
สีขาว/ม่วง,36 RM204.00
UK3.5=EUR36 RM204.00
4,41 EUR=26.0 cm RM204.00
Fresh blue,36-45 RM204.00
Clifton 9 Black,41 RM204.00
white/purple,36 RM204.00
Purple Blue,Perfumes RM204.00
Uk3.5=eur36 RM204.00
Beige Yellow,42 euros RM204.00
US5=UK3.5=EUR36 RM204.00
Light Blue,US5=UK3.5=EUR36 RM204.00
Challenger 7,39 RM204.00
AS PIC,45 RM204.00
UK3.5=EUR36 RM204.00
No.1-No.10 tell us,US6.5=UK5=EUR38 RM204.00
As Pic,42 RM204.00
Full black,EUR 39 RM204.00
AS PIC,36 RM204.00
AS PIC,45 RM204.00
4,US10=EUR44=28CM RM204.00
UK10.5=EUR451/3 RM204.00
White,36 RM204.00
Light blue,43 RM204.00
4,US10=EUR44=28CM RM204.00
Ice Blue,36 RM204.00
blue,36 RM204.00
4,US10=EUR44=28CM RM204.00
Carbon Black,41 RM204.00
UK3.5=EUR36 RM144.00
white/purple,38 RM145.00
White/yellow,36 RM145.00
Blue/yellow,40 RM145.00
36 RM212.00
Light Yellow,EUR 36 RM204.00
Pink 2,39 RM183.00
01,EUR 36 RM207.00
1,Us11=eur45⅓=29cm RM207.00
All Black,36 RM207.00
1,38EUR RM207.00
blue/yellow,36 RM207.00
Blue/yellow,40 RM327.00
31cm/ 13us RM148.00
4,Eur38 RM209.00
Purple Blue,Perfumes RM209.00
UK3.5=EUR36 RM205.00
BlackColor,43 RM209.00
36 RM209.00
Blue/yellow,36 RM209.00
all white,EU36-45(Note size after order) RM209.00
Blue Purple,US5=UK3.5=EUR36 RM149.00
2,US05.5/06.5=EUR38=23.5CM RM204.00
2,US07.5/08.5=EUR 40 2/3= 25.5CM RM204.00
1,36 EUR=22.5 cm RM149.00
US5=UK3.5=EUR36 RM205.00
AS PIC,44.5 RM211.00
UK3.5=EUR36 RM211.00
green/yellow,36 RM205.00
Black / Black,44 RM212.00
UK10.5=EUR45 1/h RM151.00
UK10.5=EUR45 1/h RM151.00
UK10.5=EUR45 1/h RM151.00
All Black,36 RM212.00
27cm/ 9us RM151.00